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Sole Traders

sole-traderMost Sole Traders are busy people who need to have a good relationship with their Accountants. At Premier Accounting we pride ourselves on providing a professional and cost effective solution to our clients.

We are committed to working with our clients to ensure that they keep as much of their hard earned cash as is legally possible. Premier Accounting will work with you to ensure that you claim all of your allowable expenses and constantly review your company status to ensure you are minimising your future tax liabilities.

We recognise you probably view Accountants as an unnecessary cost, but let Premier Accounting prove to you that at least some Accountants can add value to your business.

We offer a personal service that will communicate with you on your level so that you will understand your accounts and any implications arising.

All Business’s are unique , and the service we offer to you will be unique by you telling us what you need from us , we know you need to comply with HMRC

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