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What is Online Bookkeeping

Online Services


The core element of this service is for our client to use a recognised internet based accounting software package. There are a number available that we support.

Since the software is internet based it means that you as the client can access your business accounts from anywhere that you can receive an internet connection

A progressive Accountant such as Premier Accounting are looking to offer an enhanced package and service to our clients who require the flexibility and improved interface that this service will offer.

Your bookkeeping options are :

  1. You undertake the bookkeeping yourselves
  2. We can process all of your bookkeeping requirement
  3. A combination of your bookkeeping and our financial expertise to provide a unique solution to accounting needs which you can specify.


We will work with you to ensure that your record are kept and completed to the standard required by Accountants for the compliance

We have developed a range of options or services which allows our clients to select the one that best suits their needs. Thorough choosing your preferred option our goal is to pass the savings onto you the client.

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